R & D


R & D Department

Antibióticos S.A. is a chemical and biotechnological company with 50 years of experience in the fermentation, recovery and synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. Its commercial success is strengthened with a versatile R & D department, which is responsible for the improvement of its current processes and the broadening of its product portfolio. In the R&D Department highly skilled staff with a solid background in research have access to the modern equipment and adequate facilities to perform the task at its best.

Research under contract

We are not just another CRO: due to our extensive volume range, we provide a comprehensive service starting from small lab scale to 2000 L reactors in our plant, all within the same company, which ensures both reliability during scale up and total confidentiality.

We have both the necessary equipment and a wide experience to perform reactions such as asymmetric synthesis, enzymatic resolution, acylation, diazotization, halogenation, reduction, oxidation, hydrogenolysis, esterification, substitution, cycloaddition, Friedel-Crafts, Mannich, amide synthesis, acid chloride synthesis, etc. We can handle most kinds of reagents (gaseous, hygroscopic, irritant, corrosive, etc), work with diverse reaction conditions (under pressure, under inert atmosphere, temperatures from -60 ºC until 200ºC, etc), and isolation conditions (under inert atmosphere, distillation under vacuum, freeze-drying, etc).

We have both the necessary equipment and a wide experience to perform Biotechnological production of new antibiotics, enzymes, vitamins, immunosuppresors, antifungals, and development of fermentation, recovery and purification processes.

Under previous secret agreement, the Ph.D. responsible of your project will send you confidential reports based on the results obtained, outlining the next steps to be taken focusing on your targets. Our R & D team could also assist you in the patent redaction.